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CHARDONNAY: 2011 Central Coast Chardonnay – Vintner’s Collection

A true Chardonnay lover’s chard, with a crisp fruit taste and a bit of butter.

This lush, crisp and clean Central Coast chardonnay is inviting and works well with most seafood.  It is a perfect addition to any happy hour, yet the pronounced flavors of ripe apple and pear complement most appetizers and entrees.

Our three black and white cats are on the label: Cherry, Angel (aka “Girl Cat”) and Lucky (aka “Fat Boy”).


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The first thing that you’ll notice with your first sip is the true flavor of Chardonnay grapes. Keep the wine in your mouth for a few seconds longer and you’ll start to appreciate why Chardonnay is the highest selling wine variety in the United States. There is a natural crisp richness to the Chardonnay grape. Make sure that you don’t serve it too cold! If it’s too cold, like so many bars serve Chardonnay, the esters (flavor compounds) won’t have a chance to evaporate and fill your nose with the natural fruit flavors they impart. If your Chardonnay is served too cold put both hands around the bowl of the glass and swirl to warm it up from your body heat. You’ll definitely notice the difference. A good rule of thumb is to take Chardonnay out of the refrigerator about 20 minutes before you’re going to drink it.

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Central Coast



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