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Top 6 Wii extras you can purchase now

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You’ll need more Controllers

how to make a hdmi to rca cableAs the Wii is sold with only 1 wiimote and one Nunchuk you will probably want to buy extras so that you can play games with your family and friends. Extra Wii controllers and nunchuks helps consider the gaming experience to greater level. Believe me Wii Sports is a lot more fun playing against a person!

Wii Sports Pack

The wii sports pack includes a range of cool controller extras which make the games more realistic, these add ons include. A Golf Club Grip, Baseball Bat and mini Tennis Racket Grip, every one of the add-ons quickly attach quickly also to the Wii-mote.

Wii Tyre

rca component video switch The wii controls is an easy but effective attachmentto the Wii-mote, I have found that gripping the Wiimote without having you make car games just feel wrong. The Controls attachmentmakes it feel more natural and increases the gameplay reality.

Better AV Cables

When you purchase the Wii it offers some rubbish rca to hdmi cable where cables which are you probably know this a bit old skool! If you are lucky enough to possess a Plasma television, DLP or Vast screen a fantastic way to gain a extra quality picture is to replace the cables with either Wii component AV cables or a Wii S-Video cable. The Wii is not hdmi to rca converter box best buy HD such best buy hdmi to rca cable as the PS3 or Xbox360 it is a quick method of getting an improved picture with cheap costs.

Charging Stations

how to make a hdmi to rca cableA high level hardened gamer much like me you will recognize that the Wii Controllers use a real appetite for AA batteries. There are lots of docking stations for wii controllers that switch the normal alkaline batteries for rechargeable ones. The wii controllers simply replenish although not being used ensuring that whenever you arrive at play you aren’t left feeling flat.

GameCube Controller

If you plan on with all the Wiis backwards compatibility then a Gamecube controller is crucial, they may be bought on eBay for peanuts. You can also choose the cordless Wavebird controller for wire free gaming.